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Moodle site Performance

Working with the content heavy LMS website is not easy task. Today, I come across the problem where site is getting slower when concurrent users are hitting system at the same time. Our client has set up LMS in their … Continue reading

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SCORM[Sharable content object reference model] in LMS

Today i am very interested to write about SCORM [Sharable content object reference model].Lets know little background about SCORM.Why we are using SCORM courses instead of normal Flash courses?The US Department of Defense has specified that all of its content … Continue reading

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Install Moodle(LMS) with MSSQL 2008

Last week,I have faced very critical problem to connect moodle1.9 with MSSQL 2008 on window server 2008 R2 64bit Operating System.Moodle community has lot of information about how to connect MySQL with moodle but buried information for MSSQL 2008.First of … Continue reading

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