SCORM[Sharable content object reference model] in LMS

Today i am very interested to write about SCORM [Sharable content object reference model].Lets know little background about SCORM.Why we are using SCORM courses instead of normal Flash courses?The US Department of Defense has specified that all of its content must be delivered via SCORM in Online training program so we must have to follow SCORM courses in LMS.We had done couple of courses in Flash based actionscript to provide physically to the clients but this is first time experience to create online courses with SCORM complaint.

How SCORM communicate with LMS?SCORM is basically made in javascript objects so LMS and courses are communicating using SCORM JavaScript.Its kind of request javascript variable to courses and get response to LMS as form of javascript variable.Its slower down the speed of courses itself using javascript SCORM.

Last week, we have built couple courses with SCORM complaint and uploaded in online Moodle based LMS.We have been facing speed issue in internet because our courses size is more than 30MB and also SCORM javascript is sometime giving us timeout error with only 10 tester at same time.We are going to built our system more robust for more than 200 users at same time to access the courses but we are facing problem with 10 tester then how we can achieve goal of 200 users?

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