Browsers Safe Fonts

Today my client gave me list of fonts but some reason I could not able to find in my window PC so I started to ask other Web designer and found answer that every fonts are not available on window & Mac…hmmmmm

Actually by default, Window and Mac have been installed very limited fonts…if I will use beyond these limited fonts, may be some web users does not have fonts in their window or Mac environment and could not able to view their web page properly…Finally Common fonts for all versions of window and Mac environment are listed in below link.

– Windows fonts are in black, Mac fonts are in blue.

Note that not all fonts are available on both Mac and PC. So be careful before using them.

Lot more Fonts are coming up such as Google font API[web service] and html5 fonts but all having browsers issues…I would like to implement internet typography but without loading external web service or installing font on different environments.

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