Hiding Information in Image files [Steganography]

Hiding Information in Image is easy. So you can achieve using following instruction:

1. Download any image from internet

2. Right click on Image and open in notepad

3 You can able to see some binary code which is hard to understand. At the end of notepad, you can write some message or text

4. Save notepad file but don’t save AS…

5. Open image. You can hardly see any difference but inside image there is some message which we embedded.

But hiding (as opposite to encrypting) something where no one expects it to be there is called Steganography .

In a photograph, minor variations in color would often be unnoticeable to the naked eye, or even if noticed, might easily be mistaken for flaws in the quality of the picture.

  • More interesting you can do using WinZip. Right click on image file and Add to zip file and use encrypt added files where you have to added password. In that way you can make your information very secure way.
  • For Mac user, you can follow up this link http://www.rbcafe.com/cryptix. Once downloaded the operation of the encrypting a jpeg is pretty straightforward.

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