Fonts for web designer

I am totally amazed how to work on fonts. As per my knowledge, we have true type(.ttf) or open type(.otf) file in your PC, Mac or website folder and we have to call them in css. But recently css3 brings lots of new way to call fonts with naming convention which is really nice but we are so far for css3 due to browser compatibility.

Example for fonts in css3

@font-face {

font-family: MyFontAnkita;

src: url(‘BOD_BI.TTF’);


h1 {font-family: MyFontAnkita;}

Moreover, I am interested fonts who never seen before. I mean to say hand drawing effect. Yes, I want to make font similar to what I sketch on paper. but going to bit more complicated design fonts. I have very great website who give same effect on fonts.

If you guys interested to make your own fonts same as whatever drawing word on paper then buy font program like fontographer. They having cost for this software but you can make fonts whatever you need…

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