Installing PHP OCI8 Extension on Mac OSX(10.11.6)

Installed or Verified that Homebrew is installed on your Mac. If hasn’t installed yet, open terminal and paste command which is written on the actual Homebrew website Install the PEAR package manager to run PECL. Download these files from Oracle website Create and unzip all theses files into a the directory `/usr/local/instantclient/12_1/`. This directory will looks like: […]

Installing OCI8 on the CentOS

Download the RPM instant client package from oracle website. Since it is Linux environment, use the this oracle linkInstall the RPMs as the root user rpm –ivh  oracle-instantclient12.1-basic- rpm –ivh  oracle-instantclient12.1-devel- rpm –ivh oracle-instantclient12.1-sqlplus- Install some prerequisite yum install php-pear yum install php-devel Set environment variables ORACLE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH# ORACLE_HOME=/usr/lib/oracle/12.1/client64; export ORACLE_HOME # LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/lib:/lib:/usr/lib; export LD_LIBRARY_PATHYou should also add the […]

Best Public Cloud services – Amazon Web Services Vs Microsoft Azure Vs Rackspace

Public cloud services fall under three general categories: – Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), – Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In all cases, the vendors make those resources available over a public network such as the internet for an ongoing usage fee. IaaS vendors offer servers, storage and other key aspects of computing environments using pooled shared physical resources. PaaS vendors offer a […]

npm and Gulp installation steps for Laravel5 on WAMP environment.

Advantage of JavaScript task runner is Minification and concatenation of JavaScript and CSS files CSS Preprocessing Image optimisation Unit testing and linting There is two different type of Javascript task runner: Gulp – uses Node streams Grunt -uses temp files They both automate our tasks, they both use Node, and they both require you to create tasks and install plugins. Grunt handles […]

Installing laravel 5 on WAMP

Today, I’m super excited to learn about laravel for window. Laravel requires PHP 5.3. Here is the step to install laravel for window. Download Composer from: Enable openssl from all php.ini files. Install Composer into the same directory php.exe is located. Click on WAMP icon->PHP->PHP Extensions and enable: php_openssl, php_curl, php_socket. Click on wamp icon->Apache->Apache Modules and enable ssl_module […]

Moodle site Performance

Working with the content heavy LMS website is not easy task. Today, I come across the problem where site is getting slower when concurrent users are hitting system at the same time. Our client has set up LMS in their network which should be accessible on internal as well as external environment. There are a million ways to boost your […]


I came accross problem with 4D SOAP request while i was working on web service.Normally webservice have only .wsdl file and PHP function can take care of rest of things but in my case, my client have webservice in 4D server another third party website who handle their database as well as web service. 4d server,a fourth-generation language with over […]

Install Moodle(LMS) with MSSQL 2008

Last week,I have faced very critical problem to connect moodle1.9 with MSSQL 2008 on window server 2008 R2 64bit Operating System.Moodle community has lot of information about how to connect MySQL with moodle but buried information for MSSQL 2008.First of MSSQL is not open source so if anyone need to use for production server they must have to buy license […]